Creative + Sales + Marketing = Success

The creative, sales and marketing teams strategically planned measure mixes, marketing content and the store's layout. Custom features such as a new customer eligibility validation method were also brainstormed to take this store from a step beyond a basic e-commerce experience to a website built specifically cater to the client’s program.

MAY 2017

Marketplace Development Began.

JUNE 2017

Marketplace Complete & Entered Client’s Review Process.


Marketplace Launched.


Marketing Began.

Targeted To Perform

The marketing team developed a custom propensity model to target customers most likely to participate in the program. Imagery and messaging was also fine-tuned to "talk" to the specific audience members that would most likely purchase products from the marketplace, based on a series of A/B tests. Multiple marketing tactics were layered into an integrated campaign to increase order conversions.


Gas Measures & Smart Thermostat Measures Added To The Marketplace.

Added Measures For A Wider Customer Base

Pipe Insulation

Aerators and
Pre-rinse Spray Valves

Smart Thermostats

April 2018:

Launched First Promotions.

Types Of Promotions

Product Promotions

Buy One, Get One

September 2018

Achieved Annual Gas Savings Goal.

October 2018

Achieved Annual Electric Savings Goal.

November 2018

- Achieved Order Stretch Goal.

- Began Serving as C&I Portfolio Gas Savings Lever.

January 2019

Won AESP Energy Award for Non-Residential Marketing.