Savings Goals:


Orders: 1,000

kWh: 1,000,000

Mcf: 10,000

2018 Savings

Growth-Driven Design:

AM Conservation Group followed a growth-driven design (GDD) process when designing the Marketplace, which leverages tracking software, user-behavior insights and quarterly “test-and-learn sprints” to make data-driven decisions and improve the Marketplace over time.

Q1 2018 Sprint

1. Custom Mobile Validation
2. Thermostat Comparison Guide
(+ Custom Mobile Version)


Shopping increased

Add to Cart conversions increased

Q2 2018 Sprint

1. Added Online Chat


Reduced call volume by

Average chat rating

Increased Net-Promoter Score

to "World Class" Range

Q3 2018 Sprint

1. Copy, category, comparison and layout updates


Orders increased

More revenue

Higher conversion rate

Higher conversion rate

Q4 2018 Sprint

1. Added SEO-optimized blogs & made various technical SEO updates


Increase in visits from search

Increase in revenue from search